PreOne One-Stop-Shop

Post-Consumer Raws, Recycling Technology and Second Life Polymers under
one roof, with expertise.

PreOne provides a One-Stop-Shop solution, required to install a successful recycling business:

+ PreOne is mandated as distributor of the
worldwide unique HydroDyn Cleaning Technology, comprising containerized UCC Boxes, each to be used combined as UCC System Solution or as UCC Retrofit, to produce high quality polymer products from plastic waste.

+ The focus is set on the worldwide largest waste
stream PCR (post-consumer raws) but also on PAR (post agricultural raws).

+ PreOne is well connected into the raw material
market and mediates raw material contracts with solutions and benefits for the owners of waste and gate-fees for the operators.

+ PreOne with its well experienced team, is a
specialist for the distribution of Basic Polymers or customized Type Resins, produced from highly purified polymer feedstock from plastic waste.

+ Combining these objectives, PreOne is working on establishing a contracting scheme, including leasing and rental solutions, providing attractive opportunities for qualified operating partners.

+ PreOne is, with its PreOne Stop Shop, the
experienced and skilled partner, to create a
sustainable profitable recycling business.

Our Mission

Significant improvement of the recovered polymers
yield from post -consumer raws (PCR):

PCRs are the world's largest mass stream of polymers
with a total worldwide production of more than 140
million metric tons per year. 

Today, the polymer recovery rate of PCR is less than 2%, leading to the well known worldwide environmental problems.

With its disruptive UCC technology, PreOne achieves
recycling yields of up to 45% from PCR collections.

Improvement of the produced polymer qualit ies:

Currently, recycled plastics are missing the standards
of commodity applications:
- Odor detrimental to application.
- Suitable recipes of raw material blends.
- Appropriate additivation and formulation, to
achieve the required application of Type Resins.

With the UCC Retrofit or System Solutions and its
exclusive access to Polymer Know-how, PreOne
ensures purified, odor free, standardized polymer
qualities of the produced feedstock.