Recycling Technology, Post-Consumer Regranulates and Sourcing of Post-Consumer Raws under One Roof - PreOne

As part of the Hydrodyn PreOne Recycling Group we provide a one-stop-shop solution to install a successful recycling business:

+ The unique Hydrodyn cleaning & purification technologies, comprising containerized boxes, each to be used combined as a system solution or as a retrofit, enable you to produce high quality polymer products from plastic waste.

+ The focus is set on the worldwide largest waste
streams of post-consumer but also on post-agricultural and post-retail waste.

+ PreOne is well connected into the raw material
market and mediates raw material contracts with solutions and benefits for the owners of waste and gate-fees for the operators.

+ PreOne with its well experienced team, is a
specialist for the distribution of regranulates, produced from highly purified polymer feedstock from plastic waste.

+ PreOne is your experienced and skilled partner, to create a
sustainable profitable recycling business.